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Control zone height 2280 (mm)
Control zone width, adjustable from 700 to 1020 mm with a step of 40 mm
Control zone depth 704 (mm)
Dimensions (with a passage of 704 mm), W x H x D 867 х 2397 х 805 mm
Information output graphic display with a diagonal of 110 mm
Principle of operation pulse excitation of eddy currents
Moving speed of detection objects 0,2 – 5 m/s
Direction of passage reversible
Detection alarm light, sound
Detection indication time Programmable, 1-4 sec
Number of detection zones 33, 48, 55, 63, 80, 105
Indicator location at the edge of the panels
Counters passes, alarms, % alarms
Access to settings code, up to 10 characters, fingerprint scanner
Number of basic security programs 10
Number of custom security programs 50
Sensitivity adjustment by zones 100 levels
Automatic sensitivity adjustment mod e by test objects
Diagnostics of malfunctions built-in, continuous with module localization
Information transfer, integration LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, programmable relays
Ready time after power on less than 1 minute
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption no more than 40 Watt
Connecting the power cable sealed locking connectors on each panel
Protection degree according to MEC- 60529, IPP IP53/IP64/IP65
Operating temperature From -10 to +50 °С
Humidity up to 95% without direct condensation
Operation at height above sea leve l up to 3000 m
Working hours continuous, 24/7
Antenna module packaging dimensions W x H x D 2480 x 150 x 905 mm
Net weight 74 kg
Gross weight 95 kg
Warranty 2 years
Compliance with standards for metal detectors (with a passage of 700 mm) GOST R 53705-2009, NIJ-0601, ECAC/EU Standard 2

The selective system for detecting prohibited metallic and non-metallic objects is designed specifically to increase the reliability and speed of the visitors screening process at stationary checkpoints of facilities with increased security requirements. The system consists of two antenna modules made of shock-resistant, wearproof material and an electronic unit.

Use of high-performance computing modules and special hardware solutions and a highly efficient built-in classifier allow separate detection of discrete or integral objects made of non-ferrous, ferrous, mixed metals, metal foil of various types, as well as carbon plastics for various purposes.

The effective width of the walk-through for visitors is from 700 to 1020 mm, and can be quickly changed with a step of 40 mm.

The high sensitivity and noise immunity of the measuring unit makes it possible to detect objects whose mass does not exceed a few tenths of a gram.

Flexibly configurable security programs allow for reliable detection of prohibited objects against the background of ignored personal items, which leads to an increase in the throughput of the entire inspection area as a whole.

Due to the increased number of control zones and multi-colored indicator stripes located in the end faces of the antenna module, the operator receives much more information about the objects distributed on the visitor’s body, which makes it possible to simplify and speed up the procedure for subsequent manual inspection. The indication of the fact of carrying a prohibited object and its location on the visitorв’s body can be carried out both openly (accompanied by a light and sound signal) and hidden (to increase the level of personnel safety). In this case, all relevant information is transmitted via a secure radio channel to the operator’s console.

In addition, to increase the safety of personnel, the system provides wired and wireless synchronization with third-party additional equipment: turnstiles, airlock cabins, automatic doors and other devices that impede the free movement of the searched until the verification procedure is completed.

High sensitivity of measuring modules, precise localization of prohibited items, flexible selectivity of security programs, reliable materials and modern design make it possible to recommend the presented system as an effective solution in the field of security.

Distinctive features of the VIDECT-SM-21:
  • Ability to work together an unlimited number of devices located in close proximity to each other;
  • High throughput;
  • A wide range of selective security programs that allow you to adapt the system for specific tasks;
  • Flexible system of sensitivity adjustment for each material for all detection zones;
  • System of deep self-testing, which allows to reduce the cost of service work and prevent the occurrence of serious malfunctions in advance;
  • Convenient and intuitive color user interface with touch-sensitive coordinate input system, providing secure multi-level access to system settings;
  • High level of electromagnetic compatibility due to reduced values of the level of electromagnetic radiation;
  • Multi-channel secure wireless interface for system communication with operator consoles and auxiliary external devices