TS-SCAN 40113

TS-SCAN 40113


Tunnel size (W x H), mm

450 х 1130

Max. object size (W x H), mm

420 х 1100

Conveyor height, mm


Conveyor speed, m/s


Max. object weight, kg


Resolution (wire detection measured by Cu wire)

38 AWG (0,1mm) typical 40 AWG (0,08mm)

Penetration (steel), mm


Radiation dosage, μSv

less than 0,8

Max. voltage, kV


Max. voltage, mA


Number of views




Power consumption, kVA


Dimensions (L х W х H), mm

3060(6360*) х 1750 х 1560

Weight, kg


length including entry/exit pads

X-ray inspection system TS-SCAN 40113 – is a special designed for inspection of airline service trolley. Specially designed U-shaped line detector allows to achieve 100% inspection of trolley together with food, beverages and drinks.

Special automatic doors used instead of usual protective rubber allow to reduce the size of inspection system and to increase the throughput.

The dual energy technology provides automatic color coding of materials according to their effective atomic numbers.

Image processing features: material separation color display, pseudo color, black and white image, positive/negative, contrast manipulation, edge enhancement, organic/ inorganic stripping, high/low penetration, high density alert. Image display features: image review, variable zoom up to 32x, view change.

Additionally, the introscopes of the TS-SCAN series can be equipped with an artificial intelligence system integrated into the specialized software of the TSNK X-ray television conveyor-type units. This AI system assists in detecting dangerous and prohibited items as a whole and also as individual fragments. The process is done by comparing them with more than 5 million images of all kinds of weapons, explosives and their components, obtained from various angles, which are stored in the AI library on the device. Moreover, the system is trained to assess both the contours of the objects and their internals, which helps identify real grenades and military weapons, while disregarding their mass-dimensional replicas. This option is not available in products from domestic or foreign manufacturers supplying inspection equipment to the Russian market.