The Radar-IQ multispectral territory protection system, developed  for facilities protection, can be effectively used to guard the perimeter of sterile areas in prisons, air and sea ports, critical energy and oil&gas infrastructure, for border control, as well as for private property.

Air (drones) and ground (people, vehicles) threats are detected using active radar technology long before they cross the protected perimeter line.

This is a new concept of the security system that often does not require a physical fence—all threats are detected up to the virtual perimeter line.

High protection reliability and integrity are achieved through the use of an Artificial Intelligence controller with neural network algorithms, which is a key component of the multispectral Radar-IQ security system.

Using Artificial Intelligence, the controller combines all the components of the Radar-IQ system into a single system that guarantees the optical confirmation of the detected threat based on analysis of video and IR images by neural network algorithms.

Radar-IQ system application:

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Border lines
  • Sea ports


  • Energy facilities
  • Oil and gas facilities
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Other facilities

Radar-IQ system composition

The modular multispectral Radar-IQ territory protection system comprises the following:

Radar module: Radar-type motion detector based on the Pulse-Doppler detection principle.

DV-EYE module: Rotary mechanism with camera and IR imager (optional).

The original design module that allows combining a 360 degree PPI radar and tilting camera into a single device without dead areas and with a single calibrated polar coordinate system.

IQ-CON module: Multispectral computing controller with artificial intelligence. This module is the main link that combines all the components into a single system.

Radar-IQ Manager software module: Radar-IQ system setting and parameterizing software. It is also a specialized workstation for operational management of the system.

Integration module with external monitoring systems

This module makes it possible to convert the internal data of the Radar-IQ system into data understandable both for the conventional VMS system (Security Video Surveillance System) and GIS (Geo Information System) system used to coordinate the services interaction on site.