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ASSET to showcase unique safety equipment at Intersec Saudi Arabia

ASSET will showcase high-tech screening and anti-terrorism equipment by leading global manufacturers at the Intersec Saudi Arabia exhibition in El Riyadh from October 3 to 5, 2023. The products boast unique advantages, as evidenced by their successful use in various countries and climate zones.

Intersec Saudi Arabia visitors will have the opportunity to study the fast-acting, highly sensitive portable explosives detector M-ION. This device can detect and identify almost all types of explosives, both vapors and traces, in a matter of seconds. It is designed using advanced technology based on the nonlinear dependence of ion mobility on the strength of the electrical field. The corona discharge principle is used to ionize sample molecules. It emits no radiation, is easy to use, doesn't require costly consumables, and operates reliably in dusty and humid environments, with less than one percent of false positives. Most users agree that, in terms of technical specifications, M-ION surpasses any other device with similar functionality currently available on the global market. It is one of ASSET's most popular products and is widely used across the globe.

Another top-selling product from ASSET is the PERIPHERIQ multispectral territory protection system. It can be installed at airports and sea terminals, strategic infrastructure sites, energy and oil and gas enterprises, sterile prison areas, border checkpoints, and private properties. PERIPHERIQ features an AI-equipped radar sensor that preemptively detects potential threats and monitors intruder activities even beyond the perimeter of the protected object, capable of detecting objects both on land and in the air, including all types of UAVs. PERIPHERIQ locates targets and then 'tracks' them throughout their entire route using integrated video analytics, providing the security service with real-time coordinates of the intruder for neutralization. PERIPHERIQ boasts additional benefits such as quick integration into existing security systems, no false alarms, which are common in foreign counterparts, and the capability to operate seamlessly under extreme weather conditions. PERIPHERIQ systems are currently used in countries across Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa. They are entrusted with protecting government buildings, hydroelectric power stations, industrial enterprises, large-scale development projects, tourist zones, and hotels from terrorists. In 2023, the PERIPHERIQ system received an additional device that can automatically, semi-automatically, or manually activate any type of UAV suppression system.

Intersec Saudi Arabia will also feature detailed scale models of ASSET's large-size equipment: the mobile screening systems M-SCAN and MIDK-9232. Such equipment is used in counter-terrorism operations and for inspecting large-scale cargo, vehicles, and railway and sea containers for prohibited items and substances such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, and drugs. These mobile screening stations can be swiftly set up at various locations to perform vehicle and cargo checks. Their size and weight in transport mode allow for unhindered movement on public roads. These advanced systems boast high penetrability and are reliable and easy to use. The use of such technology in Southeast Asian countries has proven its effectiveness in both humid tropical climates and hot arid regions. A case in point is the Republic of Myanmar where, in less than four years, MIDK-9232 helped uncover drug and weapon shipments worth over 100 million US dollars.

You can view this unique equipment and receive detailed consultations from our experts at the Intersec Saudi Arabia 2023 exhibition. We invite you to visit ASSET's booth No.1-E42 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

We look forward to seeing you!

19.09.2023 10:34