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ASSET's successful debut at INTERSEC-2023

ASSET just had its first-ever company presentation at INTERSEC-2023, the leading international exhibition and forum in the field of security, held in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

ASSET received many visitors at its booth throughout all three days of the exhibition. They included representatives of government agencies and private companies, as well as security experts from around the world.

According to information provided by the event's organizers, INTERSEC-2023 was attended by guests from 127 countries, and many of them visited ASSET's booth. In particular, people that had a chance to get acquainted with the company's exposition included heads of National security of Kurdistan, Dubai Police, FNAR (Dubai), government officials from Saudi Arabia and Oman, members of the government delegation from Iraq, and many more. Delegations from the European Union, the United States, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan expressed a keen interest in ASSET's products.

They were fascinated by the various types of high-tech products offered by ASSET. Notably, the most popular exhibits were the M-ION explosive detectors, the PERIPHERIQ perimeter security system, the MIDK-9232 and M-SCAN mobile inspection and screening complexes, as well as VIDEKT-SM-21, a system for the selective detection of dangerous objects made of metals and carbon plastics, presented in the global market for the first time.

The increased interest in these types of equipment is quite obvious. M-ION, MIDK-9232 and M-SCAN are internationally known brands of inspection equipment with an impeccable reputation. They have proven to be reliable under the most challenging conditions in different countries around the globe.

The pool of popular ASSET products now also includes the PERIPHERIQ system, despite this device becoming available for purchase fairly recently. In a very short time, PERIPHERIQ managed to demonstrate in real life how efficient it is at protecting critical infrastructure from illegal intrusions (including UAV threats), which made it one of the leaders in sales.

In turn, the new VIDEKT-SM-21 system became a long-awaited innovation at INTERSEC-2023. It had previously been discussed extensively by security professionals worldwide. The use of VIDEKT-SM-21 guarantees protection against concealed carry weapons made of polymeric materials, which are seeing increasing use among terrorists today.

During INTERSEC-2023, the ASSET team had numerous meetings and negotiations with potential customers and partners from countries all over the world. The exhibition highlighted promising cooperation areas: both product sales and joint work to develop high-tech security solutions.

The unique equipment presented by ASSET caught the eye of not only industry professionals, but international media as well. A number of news stories on the Internet and on TV in the Middle East were dedicated to reviewing the company's exposition and contained interviews with its management.

This spark of interest from the exhibition's numerous guests, security professionals and journalists alike, turned ASSET's debut at INTERSEC-2023 into not only a successful business venture, but also a momentous occasion for the entire international market of security systems.

23.01.2023 13:37