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ASSET To Introduce the Best Samples of Modern Counter-Terrorism Equipment at INTERSEC-2023

At the INTERSEC exhibition, which will be held on January 17–19, 2023 in Dubai, ASSET will introduce the best samples of counter-terrorism equipment from leading manufacturers. At the ASSET booth, you will be able to learn about not only well-known on the international market innovative equipment, but also newly developed products in the security field.

In particular, during INTERSEC-2023ASSET will introduce the world's first system of selective detection of hazardous metal and carbon fiber objects, VIDEKT-SM-21. What makes the device unique is the fact that it is able to separately detect objects made not only of ferrous or non-ferrous metals, but also those made of composite materials used to manufacture parts of new types of concealed weapons.

ASSET exhibition visitors will be shown a wide range of innovative counter-terrorism equipment for different purposes: an explosive detector M-ION which can detect and identify explosives in the form of vapors or particles, an X-ray unit KALAN-2M for the inspection of small objects to detect dangerous or prohibited items, an intelligent perimeter security system PERIPHERIQ capable of finding and identifying potential threats far beyond the protected area, as well as the ergonomic handheld metal detector VIDECT-HH.

All of the above equipment will be introduced at INTERSEC-2023 live, so the visitors will be able to test it without leaving the booth. Prototypes of large-size equipment of world-famous manufacturers will take their place in the ASSET exposition. Smaller versions of a stationary inspection complex Portal-9232, designed for efficient control of the vehicular and cargo traffic, as well as popular in South-East Asia mobile inspection complexes MIDK-9232 and M-SCAN which are easy to deploy in different locations for the inspection of vehicles and cargo, will be displayed at the exhibition.

INTERSEC is the largest security and safety technologies exhibition in the Middle East, attracting numerous delegates from Europe, Asia, and the United States. At last year's event, leading brands from 90 countries demonstrated more than 6,000 newly developed products, which attracted the interest of tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.

Learn about the best samples of modern counter-terrorism equipment at the S2-D27 booth, Sheikh Saeed Hall 2 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. We invite you to visit ASSET at INTERSEC-2023! We look forward to seeing you!

14.01.2023 13:37